Why I will be vacating the League of Fire World Title Belt

13 March 2023 - Written By

Posing with THE BIRD

Most of you will know that League of Fire has announced a World Title Belt Match to take place at the NZ Hot Sauce Festival taking place on 27 May 2023, in Auckland, New Zealand.

As the current holder of the World Title Belt – The Bird, I have been asked to defend my Title against the LOF Oceania Champion Greg Barlow.

Unfortunately, my finances won’t allow me to make the costly trip to NZ this year as I am already committed to go to chilli events in America, Italy, and Spain in the summer and autumn.

As per League of Fire rules: if you are unable to attend to defend, then you must vacate, and so it is with a very heavy heart I announce that I will be vacating the Belt in order to facilitate a duel for the World Title in the interest of keeping the momentum going for the sport.

I have to say what great an honour it has been to compete in 6 Belt Matches against Johnny Scoville, Justin Rummel, Cameron Grennan, and Arturo Rencricca. I am deeply grateful to be allowed these opportunities where champion chilli-eaters and chilli-challengers can showcase their skills bringing a fun, engaging, and hugely entertaining aspect to the chilli community and opportunities which act as a magnet to bring together chilli communities from all over the world. It is such a great and now proven concept and may LOF prosper and help all us chilli-eaters carry on gaining recognition around the world.

Having put in unbelievable dedication, devotion, and hard work into achieving my record over several years, I dream for all other competitors from around the world to be recognised for their achievements also as I know from personal experience how rewarding that feels.

Having the Belt over in NZ will be wonderful and exciting for chilli communities worldwide. It will keep the momentum going by giving other LOF Regional Champions a shot at the Belt. It will help bolster chilli communities and help bring more people into the fold.

However, this is not the end for the UK and the Belt – I promise you that I will go for the Belt again and do my absolute best to win it again and bring it back to our UK and make you all proud of me.

LOF has informed me that they will be working in close partnership with Clint Meyer to bring you the absolute best match-up for the Belt between Regional Champions.

I can’t wait to see the upcoming shows as quite simply that is exactly what these Belt Matches are – entertaining and addictive shows where you can’t wait to see what happens next! I am sure that a lot of us will be tuning in live from all over the world to watch as and when these matches happen.

I’d like to end by expressing my utmost gratitude to all who have made this World Belt an incredible journey for me with your love, support, and encouragement. ❤️❤️❤️