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I am absolutely honoured to be invited by the Mayor of City of Kaba as a special guest at the Meteorite Chilli-Eating Championship and weekend festivities to be held in Kaba, Hungary, next weekend. 😍🥰😘

I’ve strived so hard for a decade for chilli-eating to be recognised as a sport and as something to be cherished and appreciated. ❤️❤️❤️

Along my journey, I have met some incredible people who share my passion for chilli-eating and together we have made some wonderful things happen.

This invitation letter brings me a great sense of joy and makes me feel proud of what I have achieved so far. It is going in a frame and will sit next to all my chilli memorabilia and one day when I am old and look back…I will have some unforgettable memories to cherish. 😍🥰😘

I would like to thank Gibbon Rike for working closely with the Municipality of Kaba in putting everything together.

I would also like to thank League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions for whose coveted European Belt – the Blue Bird, chilli-eating champions are flying in from many parts of Europe to be able to try and win.



I am very happy to officially announce the competitors battling it out for the 2nd League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions European Title Belt Match happening at the Kabai Meteorit Festival in Kaba, Hungary on 13 August 2022.

There are 10 contestants from 6 countries in Europe – 2 from Poland, 2 from Hungary, 1 from Germany, 2 from Italy, 2 from the Czech Republic, and 1 from Spain.

  • From Poland, we have Leszek ‘The Hiccup’ Machaj and Anna ‘Lucky Dragon’ Rej.
  • From Hungary, we have Pal ‘Chileater’ Szarvas and Ödön ‘Dönci’ Bóka.
  • From Germany, we have Edda ‘The Icelady’ Pantea.
  • From Italy, we have Arturo ‘Mr Spicy’ Rencricca and Giancarlo ‘Jack Pepper’ Gasparotto.
  • From the Czech Republic, we have Radim ‘Peppers’ Rehurek and Daniel ‘Palito’ Vseteka.
  • From Spain, we have Esther ‘The Hell Warrior’ Llacer.

Their achievements stretch far and wide, which has resulted in them being picked to compete for the Blue Bird – the LOF European Title Belt!

It’s really uplifting to see their dedication in travelling to Hungary to represent their countries and participate in the 2nd European Title Match! The 1st European Title Match was held at The Hell Contest in Spain on 31 October 2021, and the Belt was won by Arturo ‘Mr Spicy’ Rencricca.

I wanted to tell you all a little about each of the contestants in their own words – how they got into our weird and wonderful world of chilli and what it means to them to take part in the 2nd League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions European Title Belt Match.

We have the defender of the Belt Arturo ‘Mr Spicy’ Rencricca from Italy

Arturo ‘Mr Spicy’ Rencricca

“I am happy and honored to be here in this very important challenge for the European Belt Champion.

This is my fourth international race, and my second participation in the LOF European Championship which I had the pleasure of winning last year in Algemesi (Spain).

For me, chilli is a passion that I have cultivated since I was a child. I grow chilli peppers – eat it and combine it with dishes. I consider chilli pepper a magical spice because with its flavors, with its scents, with its shapes and colours, it has the ability to unite people from all over the world.

Thanks to the League of Fire and the Festival organizers for inviting me to this important event.

Whatever happens, it will be a success. May the best win. Good Luck!”

We have Edda ‘The Icelady’ Pantea from Germany

Edda ‘The Icelady’ Pantea

“I‘m Edda The Icelady and I’m honored to represent Germany for the second time.

I love anything hot with fresh pods being my favorite.

I’m growing chili, I do challenges and I’m never scared of heat.

I absolutely love the community. #stayicy everyone. 💙”

We have Esther ‘The Hell Warrior’ Llacer from Spain

Esther ‘The Hell Warrior’ Llacer

“Hi everybody. My name is Esther Trull “The Hell Warrior”.

I’m very excited about participating in the European Belt Title Match for League Of Fire.

My beginnings with the chilli happened very recently; only two years ago I realised that I’m able to tolerate spicy.

I’ve won the Spanish Hell Contest last year, which means that now I’m the Spanish champion.

I’m a newbie but I’m confident about myself to earn great things at the European Championship.”

We have Anna ‘Lucky Dragon’ Rej from Poland

Anna ‘Lucky Dragon’ Rej

“Hi, I’m Anna ‘Lucky Dragon’ Rej.

I took part in last year’s League of Fire’s European Belt Match in Spain.

It was a great adventure, thanks to which I met amazing people and I look forward to meeting them again.

I like to eat hot, and without hot it is inedible.

Fortunately, my husband shares my love for spicy.

I wish all the participants of the European Belt Match a lot of fun. I know that we will do our best and I am looking forward to the meeting.”

We have Daniel ‘Palito’ Vseteka from the Czech Republic

Daniel ‘Palito’ Vseteka

“I love spicy food since I was a kid. I eat a bottle of tabasco using it all in one or two meals, so I have decided to grow my own chillies. I started in 2012 with Naga Bhut Jolokia, which was the hottest pepper in those days.

After the first harvest, I realized that it was very painful to eat this pepper fresh, so I made the first batch of chilli sauces from the first pods that I harvested. I gave some bottles to my friends and family members and the rest saved for me. Next year, I built a small greenhouse in my grandmother’s garden and many of these friends and their friends came after harvest because they wanted to buy chilli sauces again.

It continued like this for 2 or 3 years and then I decided to try to start a business in this market. In my last year of university, I joined an incubator for entrepreneurs which is at my university.

I established a company with help of my friends and members of my family and we have started to grow, process and sell chilli peppers. Mainly we process the pods into chilli sauces, but we also have dried and pickled ones. Our sauces won several competitions and we got awards from The World Hot Sauce Award from Louisiana, Great Taste from London and International Flawe Award from Madison.

My big hobby is also competing in chilli-eating competitions and I got lucky to win a few of them.

The most known are Plechová huba (1. 2. and 3. places), Chillifest in Prague (I won it 3 years in a row), Chillfest in Břeclav (1. place) and Chillibranní in Brno (1. place).

For me it is a great honour that I can participate in the LOF competition in Hungary. It is my first international competition and I’m really looking forward to meeting more people who are chilli-heads as I am. I don’t really desire to win but I will do my best to not disappoint my fans and my country.”

We have Leszek ‘The Hiccup’ Machaj from Poland

Leszek ‘The Hiccup’ Machaj

“This is my second chance to participate in the championship.

I do not consider myself a favorite, but I hope that I will be able to present myself well.

For me, it is not only a tournament, but also an opportunity to meet in person with the unique people who make up this community.

I’ve been in the League for less than two years.

It’s hard to talk about yourself. I eat hot stuff, do challenges, grow peppers, make sauces and try to make it all fun for me.

I keep my fingers crossed for all participants and hope for a brilliant time in Hungary.”

We have Radim ‘Peppers’ Rehurek from the Czech Republic

Radim ‘Peppers’ Rehurek

“My name is Radim Řehůřek aka Deaf-Blind Chili Maniac.

I’m from Czech Republic.

I have Usher syndrome, but that doesn’t stop me from competing. Quite the contrary – I want to prove to everyone that we disabled people can not only compete, but also live fully. And really fully.

Chili has become a part of my life. And the people who are also dedicated to this phenomenon are absolutely brilliant. That’s why I’m really looking forward to Hungary. I meet new great people.

My son Max, who acts as my eyes and ears, always accompanies me at competitions.”

We have Pal ‘Chileater’ Szarvas from Hungary

Pal ‘Chileater’ Szarvas

“I am a very simple bus driver from a small town. My wife is an artist.

It sounded like a good idea to try myself on a chili challenge, at Us in Hungary. It started 10-15 years ago, part of my hobby was to plant chilis!

The people cheering for me told me that it is all about the mindset. These are crazy challenges and I am all up for it! I’m already proud about the other 9 challengers for signing up. May the best win!”

We have Odon ‘Donci’ Boka from Hungary

Odon ‘Donci’ Boka

“It is a great honor for me to be able to participate in the League Of Fire European Championship among the great champions and I am particularly happy that I can do this now in Hungary!”

We have Giancarlo ‘Jack Pepper’ Gasparotto from Italy

Giancarlo ‘Jack Pepper’ Gasparotto

“Chilli pepper is a moment of aggregation…a moment of fun where you can see faces and facial expressions change.

I have always loved chilli pepper for years. In Italy, I have tried to make the beauty of this spice known to an ever-growing audience.

It has been four years now that I have not competed because I tried my hand at the presentation of spicy festivals after reaching my milestones as an eater – winning an Italian championship in gradation and in quantity, several races always in gradation, at a festival in China, and a Guinness world record with bhut jolokia in 2018.

Participating now in the LOF championship is a great emotion because it reminds me of the dream that I had undertaken years ago.

I thank all the CHILLI community IN THE WORLD AND MAY THE BEST WIN!”

And there you have the 10 contestants for the 2nd LOF European Title Belt Match! 🔥🔥🔥

Who is going to be the League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions European Title (The Blue Bird) Belt Holder???

This will be a great battle of the countries – which will be the new home for the Blue Bird???

Will Arturo Rencricca retain his title or will it be fellow Italian Giancarlo Jack Pepper who takes it for Italy? Or could Spain, Poland, Hungary, Germany, or the Czech Republic be the new home for the Blue Bird?

Find out on 13 August 2022! 😍😍😍 Gibbon Rike will be hosting the Belt Match in Hungarian and I will be doing a live commentary in English for our online viewers from around the world who will be watching this live-streamed by League of Fire to a global audience and I’m very excited to be presenting the Belt to the winner. 🎤👸

I would like to thank the city of Kaba and Chili Hungária Manufaktúra for holding this event for League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions 😍🥰😘

As you can see from the Belt Match poster, there is a logo for the supplier of the weapons of mass destruction and this is Professor of Pain, László Diczkó of Chili Hungária Manufaktúra. He joins a group of very generous producers who have donated peppers totally at their cost including postage for legendary League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions Belt Matches around the world over the last few years including Primo’s Peppers and his Wrecking Crew, Devonchilliman, Prices Spices and Chilli of the Valley.

Chili Hungária Manufaktúra is also the creator of the hot sauce called Spirit of Attila which was the first hot sauce out of Hungary to win an international award. ❤️❤️❤️

Spirit of Attila Hot Sauce