Queen’s Bulletin Board #5

Week Ending 26 March 2023 - Written By

  • Chris ‘Pepper Bae’ Fisher has just announced a sponsorship deal with High Desert Sauce Co.
  • League of Fire has announced the criteria for eligibility for LOF World Records Collector’s Cards:
    • Any player who holds any World Record for a minimum of one month can be chosen at any time.
    • At the point of player selection for issuance:
      • The challenge has to be at least 3 months old for a WR of fewer than 5.
      • For a new challenge less than 3 months old, the WR has to be minimum of 5.
  • League of Fire has announced that it will be issuing Official League of Fire World Record Certificates which will be published on League of Fire Facebook Page as and when they are issued. Once published and upon request, a copy will be emailed to the World Record holder.
  • League of Fire now has the World’s Hottest Corn Chips by Chilli Seed Bank back in stock in The LOF Shop.
  • Johnny Hexburg Hot Sauce has announced that it will now have its range in Sweden with hot sauce labels in Swedish and a soon-to-follow Swedish website as well.
  • Old Agness Store has a 25% off sale until the end of the month using code: Mom&Dad, which applies to all hot sauces and chugs on the website.
  • Heet, Zuur en Hop has announced the 3rd edition of the free festival organized by Nondedju hete saus and BRACK on 13 May 2023, in Breda, Netherlands.
  • United Sauces has launched a new hot sauce collection for Motley Crue, comprising 5 hot sauces in a special box set with custom artwork for each of the members’ individual bottles and on the box.
  • Pepper Palace has announced a new store opening in Peddler’s Village, near Philadelphia, USA.
  • Columbus Fiery Foods Festival is taking place on 26 & 27 August 2023, in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, USA.
  • NZ Chilli Eating Champs has found a winner at the Christchurch Heat – Charlotte Knudsen, who beat 13 other contestants at the 4th annual chilli-eating competition in Christchurch, which was held at Riverside Market on 25 March 2023. Charlotte will now have a seat at the 13th Annual NZ Chilli Eating Champs Finale at the 8th Annual NZ Hot Sauce Festival to decide the ultimate Champion who will win the League of Fire Oceania Belt on 27 May 2023, in Auckland, NZ.
  • Aaron ‘Monster Heat’ Jewells has set a new League of Fire World Record for the League of Fire Chug Challenge V4 by League of Fire. He successfully finished 10, taking the previous WR of 7 from Jayson ‘Late For Work’ Pettibone.
  • LOF World Record Certificates issued for:
    • Roger ‘Hot Dang Show’ Trier – For completion of 15 x League of Fire Chug Challenge V2 on 13 April 2021.
    • Brandon ‘Honey Boy’ Collins – For completion of 12 x Old Agness Store The UNBEARABLE One on 14 March 2023.
    • ‘Broken’ Charlie Whitmore – For completion of 13 x League of Fire Presents The Killer Queen Chug Challenge V2 on 18 January 2023.
    • Michael ‘Never Better Club’ Morgan – For completion of 6 x Blazing Foods & Chase The Heat 6 Hot Balls Cheese Ball Challenge on 20 February 2023.
  • LOF HEROES Collector’s Cards issued for:
    • Dziki Jakub
    • Matt ‘Casually Roasting’ Thompson
    • Corky ‘3,2,1’ Fernando
    • Sundance 270
    • Silvino ‘Peproncino’ Pasqualini
  • LOF WORLD RECORDS Collector’s Cards issued for:
    • Jared ‘Farmer J’ Smith


  • Popcorn lovers rejoice as there’s a spicy popcorn challenge coming soon to League of Fire.

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